Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recurrent Corneal Erosion – How it destroyed my life and How I cured it

I am posting this in the hope that it will be of use to others who suffer from this horrific condition.

In June 2009, I woke up with my first RCE episode in my left eye (pain was about a 5, on a scale of 1-10).  The doctor said it was caused by a foreign object.  A few days later, still in pain, another doctor scraped the surface of my eye and it healed within a few days.

A month later, there was another abrasion.  The doctor put a bandage lens in.  I told him that contact lenses tended to bother me and he said I could remove it myself if I had any discomfort.  A few days later, my eye was irritated, and I removed the lens as he’d instructed…. along with the entire surface of my cornea.  It sent me to the ground screaming a cry of death and nearly blacking out.  There are NO WORDS to describe the physical and emotional trauma of this experience.  (on a  pain scale of 1-10, this was 50).  The ER sent me to a corneal specialist who did the stromal puncture.  I spent the next 5 days on vicoden, in bed, waiting for the eye to heal, periodically shrieking and unable to tolerate sunlight, TV, or the computer screen.

The doctor finally explained to me that I had RCE and I began a nightly regimen of Muro 128, keeping the eye lubricated with drops.  I taught myself to never touch my eye and slept with a humidifier.

For a year, I lived in a nightmare called “Recurrent Corneal Erosion.”  As bad as the erosions were in my eye, the erosion to my quality life was equally terrible.  The abrasions occurred every 2-6 weeks in my left eye, usually on a pain scale of 3-4, but sometimes as bad as an 8-9. I had the Stromal Puncture repeatedly, missed countless days of work and social engagements, and had to give up activities I loved like surfing.  Everything revolved around the RCE beast.  Just when I thought things were as bad as they could be, I started getting them in my Right eye too!  I asked the corneal specialist how this could be, since I thought the tear in my left eye was caused by an arbitrary foreign object?  “You were probably just born this way”, he told me and then recommended the PTK surgery.  I was hesitant, as I’d read several online posts from others who’d said the surgery had made their RCE worse!  A 2nd specialist confirmed there was little risk, but I was still hesitant.

With all the people out there suffering from this and getting few good answers from their doctors, I felt I needed to try something else before risking another surgery to my poor eyes.

Since the waiting time for a PTK surgery appointment was many months anyway, I made an appointment with Mark Mincolla, a nutritional health therapist recommended by a family member.  He met with me and I explained the condition which he’d seen and treated before.  He explained that many of our health problems are caused by infectious build-up from the foods we ate.  Things like bacteria and yeast would build up and degrade our organs and cause problems, such as what I was experiencing.   He proceeded to ‘muscle test’ me (see below for a link explaining this).  He then gave me a list of foods I needed to remove from my diet (including dairy, sugar, moldy vegetables like mushrooms, vinegar, wheat, and most nuts).   He said he felt that the problem was caused by a build-up of yeast and bacteria in the sinuses behind my eyes.  Removing these foods would stop the continuation of the infectious build-up.

He had me take natural supplements 3x daily (Kold Kare, Monolauren, and Colloidal Silver drops in my eyes), which are necessary to knock out the build-up already in there (just eliminating the foods wouldn’t be enough).  In addition, he muscle tested me on the ointments and drops I had been using and found that both Muro 128 drops and ointment were not good for me.  Instead, he had me start using “can-c” eye drops to lubricate my eyes.

He was asking a lot of me, but I was DESPERATE to stop the sensation of razor blades in my eyes and willing to try this before risking surgery.  I followed his instructions from that day onward, only cheating on the diet occasionally and discontinued the use of Muro 128.  The first month, I had some soreness in the sides of my eyeballs (not where the abrasions are).  Mark told me that yeast doesn’t die quietly and that this was probably a symptom of them clearing out.

Since then, I have not had a single bad abrasion (a few that are a 1 on the pain scale, but nothing unmanageable).  I was skeptical, but after 4.5 months of 99% relief, I truly feel like I have woken up from a nightmare.    The food sacrifices are minimal compared to what I’ve gained back (my life)…and they are not permanent.  In time, I will be able to integrate some foods back in moderation.   If you want more information about the methods I used to heal my eyes, below are some links to check out.

I wish healing to all.

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